spazzycloud said:


there is this one girl lindsey, she hooked up with her best friend’s boyfriend while they were still going out. She’s really pretty though. and also an amazing soccer player. the end.

sic-itur-ad-astra said:

do you happen to know who the designer of the lace dress w/ the sash and the high lace neck that you posted?? i am in LOVE.

I’m sorry, I don’t. Look for it on

icantstopreblogging said:


There was this girl rachael that was older then me when I was in middle school. She was a bitch and pretty sure she made fun of me. I don’t have such clear memory anymore but I know I hated her. She’s a hair dresser now but clearly she has no style. And she’s fat. The end

Anonymous said:


There is this girl named amy who changed my friend’s life forever. She hated all his friends when they were dating and he was totally whipped. She got pregnant and lied about getting an abortion. She ended up having the kid. But smoked and drank while she was pregnant to punish him if she was ever angry at him. They got married and moved in together. Now she is back home with a new boyfriend and she doesn’t even take care of her child. The end.